How do I heat my SteakStones for best use?

For optimal use your SteakStones need heating to between 280-350 degrees Celsius (approx 540 -660 Fahrenheit). Domestically this can be achieved on the hob or stove (20-30 mins) under the grill (30-40) mins, in the oven (40 mins) or even on the barbecue. Commercially we strongly recommend our Oven Range as these provide the simplest, most compact way of heating large numbers of stones at a time. Needless to say the stones will only take in the maximum heat of your chosen method, but every home will be able to accommodate at least one of the methods above. Once you’re happy heating them, you can experiment with the ideal heat for what you’re cooking and how you like it served.

How long will the heat remain in my SteakStones?

If your SteakStones Lava Stones are fully heated following the instructions above they will remain sizzling hot for between 20-30mins, so you’ll likely run out of meat before you run out of heat! The stones will still be cooking for up to 50mins from serving and too hot to handle without protective oven gloves for over an hour.

How long will my SteakStones Set last for?

Your recommendation is our future and we guarantee our products are made with the best quality materials available and offer a lifetime guarantee on any component shown to be faulty. We are the only company you will find to do this, as all others use inferior quality stones which will not last and are made of poor quality stone such as granite.

What are the components in my SteakStones set made of?

We are proud that our products comprise the very best natural and man-made components available to us. The board is made of Bamboo (interestingly a grass, not wood) which is not only one of the Earths strongest natural materials, but also an environmentally sustainable and entirely renewable material of which we are proud. The stones themselves are, naturally, renewable, and cut from the best sourced lava stone with a honed finish, the best finish from which to enjoy Steak on the Stone. Other featured components are quality stainless steel and ceramic, both built to last.

How do I clean my SteakStones?

After use your SteakStones should still be handled with care using oven gloves as they will remain hot for over an hour. The best way to clean them is to place in a sink with warm water and leave for around 20mins, after which time you will be able to simply wipe the surface clean. Our SteakStones scraper is the simplest way to do this with just a couple of swipes.

Can each set be used by more than one person?

The meals you can enjoy on our products are endless and as such our products are designed as mix of individual and sharing platters. Generally as a rule the sets containing the smaller stones are intended as individual platters and the sets with the larger stones can be individual or shared.

What meals can be served on my SteakStones?

Any Steak cut of meat or fish that can safely be eaten on the rare side can be cooked on your SteakStones. Some of the most enjoyable steaks include beef, venison, salmon, tuna and swordfish, but the list is long and you can view a great selection of ideas on our Menus page. Poultry should not be cooked from rare on your SteakStones, but as with other reconstituted meats and fish can be cooked first and presented on your SteakStones to keep it piping hot and allowing the diner to create a fusion of flavours with the selection of sauces accompanying the meal.

What are the dimensions of each set?

The dimenions or each set are shown in each of the product descriptions within our shop. Our product photography is designed to illustrate standard sized food to accurately illustrate the size of each set.

If you have any further questions relating to our products please contact us and we will respond to your query as soon as we can.