Stock Update

Due to an incredibly successful Christmas period and some shipping delays at the beginning of 2021 we are currently very low on stock in our Australian warehouse. Any products we are currently out of stock of are marked as available on backorder in the product details and our best estimate at the current time is that these goods will be in Australia ready to ship in June.

We do still have good availability of certain items namely SS001, SS006 and a few of SS016, SS004 and SS005 which will be delivered as standard in just a few days, but due to delays in stock arriving into our UK warehouse, we are not yet able to send further stock to Australia so we are regrettably going to have a considerable delay in these items being available to ship.

We apologise for this delay and regrettably the current exorbitant cost of Air Freight means it is just not feasible for us to send orders directly from the UK to Australia. We thank you for your custom and patience and hope to get you sizzling soon. If you have a specific enquiry please contact us via email on [email protected] and we look forward to assisting.